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The Lure of "Less Than"

I was having coffee recently with a close friend, whom we'll call Dee. The slump of her shoulders and the dust on her sparkle told me it was a down day before we were even seated at our table. Why, she wanted to know, did other people's status-seeking habits and recent purchases bother her so much?

If she was living her own values (minimalism, giving back, making time for art and other creative endeavors, frugality), then why did a friend rubbing in her most recent pricey purchases get to Dee? Why did it matter that family members who were focused on having more/buying constantly/living large were doing their thing?

On Your Creative Journey On our journey through life, we're all following a certain path. Some of us veer off into the bushes and undergrowth, intent on going our own way. Some of us meander on and off the path that's set before us, chasing butterflies or becoming distracted by the scenery. Some of us grow tired and begin wondering if maybe this place isn&…

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