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Failing...Again and Again

I've wanted to be an author for many, many years. Telling stories is one of the few things I feel good at.
While my dream of becoming a published author came true in 2013 and I've written/published several more books since then (under a pen name), the success that I just knew would follow hasn't. But surely, if I'm doing the work that I was called to then it should. 
It will. 
I don't know anymore. Every time a book comes out I think, "Now, this one. Surely this is the one that will launch my name into the greater reading circles." I don't expect a bestseller (but I really want one). I don't believe that because I'm called to write, it should be easy or that doors should fly open at my approach. I don't believe that I will become an overnight success. 
But does it have to be quite so hard? 
The degradation of my mental state goes something like this: 
"I'm so excited to write today! This new manuscript is great. I'm re…

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