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On Finding Meaning in the Mundane

Meaning is a loaded word. We want to find meaning. To have meaning. To live lives of meaning. But what about days filled to the brim with un-meaningful tasks? Noses that need wiping, a dog that needs walking, soup that needs to be made for someone who has experienced a loss, coffee to be made for your spouse's commute. Is there meaning in the mundane?

Sometimes I get really tired of all the normalcy in my life. Don't get me wrong: I love that my life is quiet and authentic. But sometimes it feels a little too authentic. A little lacking in the glamour and glitz department and a bit too girl-next-door. A little vanilla.

Social media and blogs and websites encourage this dissatisfaction in all of us. Even those geared to Spirit-believers hold up the ideal: the men and women who "challenge, motivate, change others, assist, guide, profess, and take charge," can leave the rest of us feeling, well, less-than.

In the world of art this is a potential landmine, too. Everyone …

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