Junk food & spiritual reflection

I'm a junk food junkie at heart. Brownies and chocolate chip cookies are my kryptonite. I love potato chips (plain, please!) and cold cereal in just about any form--flakes, granola, puffs--I enjoy them all. As an adult I've come to the sad and horrible realization that this type of food does bad things to my body and to my mood.

Junk food, I've come to realize, is like the doing-ness that I'm obsessed with. I want tasks and lists to cross off. I want to get things done and feel that fissure of pleasure that accompanies reaching a goal, however small.

My spirit, however, cannot live on junk food alone. Just as my body needs leafy greens and sweet potatoes, my spirit needs quiet and time for reflection. It craves beauty--in art, in nature, in the everyday ways that I miss when I'm on the go--and begins to feel dry and parched when I miss this beauty all around me. It needs time in nature: to hear the birds chattering, see the leaves dancing in silver light, to smell moss and dirt and that special blend of dry leaves underfoot and fresh air around me. My spirit is my center. It requires special handling, special feeding to do its job best.

When I rush from task to task, when I focus all of my time and energy on what's outside of me, I start to stumble. My mind becomes more and more busy, which turns into a frantic feeling of confusion. The internet, the audience, the great out there all call to me. I must perform! I must give. I must do. I must be someone important.

But if I can be quiet even for half of a minute and check in with my center, with my spirit, I see that ah, once again I've let my doing-ness run away with me.

Deep breath.




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