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I'm sitting at my writing desk in the early morning. Outside, darkness presses against the windows and I can hear the pssssaaaaawwwww sound every time that a car drives by. The roads are wet and the trees, though I can't see them through the darkness, are dripping with rain.

A tealight flickers in a red glass candle holder, a new ritual I've started recently when I write during this time. Everything is as it should be. I have long moments ahead of me filled with possibility and promise. I'm going to do what I love first thing in the morning!

And yet, the words won't come. I fidget in my chair and stare at the candle for several seconds. I pull out my binder where a list of writing ideas sits--captured during a time when inspiration fell all over me like a soaking waterfall--but most of them aren't making sense this morning.

I sigh, get up and drink some water. Return to my desk. Put my fingers on the keyboard. Still nothing.

Finally, after several long minutes I begin to write. It is not my best work, but it is captured on the page.

Sometimes this is what creativity looks like. Just getting something out, even if we don't love it. "I can always go back and fix it later," is a much more powerful mantra to have than, "If this isn't perfect, I'm not wasting my time on it."

Creativity can be like a gushing stream, drowning us in beauty and insight. Or it can be like a dry desert, where the only way out is taking a single next step.

What do you do when your creativity feels as slippery as an eel? How do you make on those days when you feel completely unmotivated? Please leave a comment sharing your insights for those less-than-creative times. 


  1. You got me. It's hard. Sometimes I just try to do one little creative thing even if is not writing. And if I do that one little thing, sometime it can turn into another thing and another and then somehow I am writing. Other times that doesn't work so well.

    1. Yes, I love that approach, Tina! I find that with writing I'll tell myself, "just five (or ten or fifteen) minutes." Sometimes I get going and want to keep writing and other days five minutes is enough. :) Thanks for voicing your opinion and visiting here!


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