Thirsty? Try silence

What I should have made time for this weekend!
Have you ever had a dream where you are drinking and drinking water, but still feel thirsty? You can feel the coolness of the water in your mouth, but then it seems to vanish, and your thirst goes un-quenched. Doesn’t it feel the same as when we don’t make time for quiet in our lives? We fill our schedules up (or someone fills them for us) until we’re so constricted, so bound, that we can’t move. It’s a struggle to breathe deeply. It’s hard to stop the swirling of our minds.

I just spent a busy weekend taking care of business and home tasks. I attended a book event, I cooked, cleaned (not enough) and walked with a friend. I tidied, visited my parents, talked with my son and husband, and planned for the week ahead. At the end of all this busy-ness, I felt wrung out. I missed my quiet times both Saturday and Sunday, and didn’t have a chance to read for 15 minutes and de-stress with a cup of coffee after lunch (an almost-daily treat).

When we continue to push, push, push to get things done—even good things—we erode the opportunity to meet with Spirit. A gentle being, Spirit doesn’t force itself into our lives, it must be invited. It is hard to let go and go within. 

When I get rolling though—happily checking things from my list, structuring and re-structuring my day, dealing with unforeseen obstacles in my path—I forget that I don’t have to go it all alone. That there is a Presence waiting for me to ask for help, to seek guidance, or just to unload my frustrations and weariness. It’s a challenge for those of us who like to be in control, to admit that we need help, that we can’t really do it all … and not bite off heads in the process.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a pat answer. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to this. But if you asked me where to start, it’s usually in silence. Taking one minute or thirty seconds to close our eyes and block everything else out. To take a deep breath and release it, and then another. And to ask Spirit, “will you help me?”


  1. Great advice! It’s hard to remember to get still, to slow down, to breathe, to be in the now. But that is where we connect with God, with the eternal. So I definitely need to do more of that.

    1. It IS hard, isn't it, Tina? It's so much easier to do, even if that means busy work for church, volunteering, reading, helping, etc. But just "being" with God (and ourselves) is a real struggle. Thanks for commenting and I hope you'll find a way to gain the connection that you seek. :)


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