Nurturing Your Creativity ... It Takes Time

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Yesterday, I was having tea with a friend at a cafe. It's been too long (months?) since I've made the time to do this. And to be honest? Before I left to meet her I felt resistant. I didn't want to go "waste precious time" doing this non-work related thing. I could have been spending the hour in my office writing instead.

It turns out that this time away with this highly-creative woman was exactly what I needed.

It's hard to find that balance between over-working and being too lenient with yourself and your goals, isn't it? (You can read how I feel about creative goal setting here and here.)

If you like me, have found yourself swinging too far into the January guilt--fueled by overwhelmingly impossible New Year's resolutions--than you're certainly not alone.

This week, today even, let's take a little time to think about nurturing our creativity. Instead of scaring it with overly-big demands, let's take a step back, and a big, deep breath and see what it wants to teach us for a change. This is like taking an aspirin for your soul, a help when your creative spirit is out of sorts. Let's get quiet and see what's really going on below the surface.

My friend talked about boundaries and how important putting these into place is when one is a creative. I agree wholeheartedly and also know how challenging it is. Challenging yet essential. Creating time to be quiet and get in touch with Spirit is also necessary. And listening to our own wisdom rather than the guru-of-the-month empowers us.


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