The gift of creative wandering

“Nothing you have not given away will ever really be yours.” ~ C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity
Do you find it hard to balance the spiritual side of yourself with your everyday, going-through-the-world side?

Is that why it is so hard for us to go to that place of quiet and reflection, because re-emerging into the "real world," is so jarring?

It's like being out on a sunny, beautiful day. Everywhere you look are green things growing with blue skies above and the scent of flowers on the breeze. Then you walk down into the subway station or into a crowded, loud sports bar. It takes a while for your eyes and the rest of you to adjust.

On the good days this is how it is when we make our art. The sessions where the words pour out, where the images come fast and pure and true, or the music flows unbidden. Or the times that we aren't making but are filling our well.

Creative Wanderings

Yesterday was like that for me. I pulled out a stack of old prayer journals and started reading. One passage led to a bit of wisdom. Then I found a quote scrawled years prior that just happened to answer a specific question that's been on my mind all week. Thankfully, I'd jotted down the book's title and page. Reading this passage later led me to a new-to-me blog about the topic.

It was refreshing, this session of free-flowing points being made. Some would call it synchronicity or chance, but I recognized it as Spirit's guidance.

And yet, today--Monday morning--will not be the same. Already I feel the tug to hurry up and get going. So much to do. Appointments to keep, dishes to start, a week to be planned. But like a cozy, warm bed, I want nothing more than to escape back into the comforts of yesterday.

Is this why we resist getting quiet? Is it because the re-entry into our normal, everyday world can be so disquieting, so jarring? Still, I need to remind myself that it doesn't have to be all or nothing. It doesn't have to be a leap off of a tall building, does it? It doesn't have to be all junk food or all carrots, right?

It can be tiny moments. Fractions of a minute. Small pauses. Time to reflect and remember that no matter how busy the current hour or day or week is, there are always breathing holes for our spirits.

Is it challenging for you to find the quiet in everyday life because of the effort involved or because of the way it feels to come back to reality afterward? Why do we resist something that is so good for us? 


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