On Leading a Blessed Life...When You Don't Feel Very Blessed

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Are you dealing with a nagging problem, one that gets in the way of your joy? Maybe it's a strained relationship with a loved one or friend. Perhaps it's an old wound that you continue to bring to God--an issue of forgiveness or feelings of past neglect or old discouragements. 

Maybe, like me, you're dealing with a pesky health issue. Not an earth-shattering diagnosis. Not a full-on painful issue, but something more subtle. Something that nags until you feel ready to tear out your hair. 

I'm having one of those times today. The mix of frustration over a health problem that just never seems to improve the way I want it to combined with too-little sleep (again) make it hard to see the blessings this morning. 

And yet, they are here, all around me. If I look for them. 

So, today I'm praying for eyes open to these blessings. For the fog in my mind to lift and the angst in my soul to change to peace. For the war going on inside to subside, or at least quiet for a little while. For me to see more of what God has generously given me and less of what is bothering me. 

I'm praying it for you, too.


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