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6 Indie Thriller & Mystery Authors to Add to Your #TBR List

We know that reading is good for us. We make time to read fiction because it's a welcome escape from the nuttiness of the world around us. But do you ever feel overwhelmed with options when it comes to choosing your next great thriller book?

I do.

While you could check out some of my former Thriller Book Recommendation videos, today I wanted to share some thriller authors who you might not have come across yet.

Note: I've read some, but not all, of these books. If I haven't yet, they're on my own #tbrlist. Also, these are affiliate links. I would never recommend something that I didn't enjoy/want to try myself.

Ready? Let's get into the list.

Steven Ramirez

Book(s) Recommended: The Sarah Greene Mysteries Series

Why: An addictive blend of The Sixth Sense vs. Nancy Drew.

2 Sentence Description: Sarah Greene is a successful realtor...and a reluctant psychic. When she discovers a ghost in a mirror she inadvertently opens a door to the demonic.

Val Collins

Book(s) Recommended: The Silent Speak

Why: Perfect for crime fiction buffs who like a psychological twist.

2 Sentence Description: Aoife learns that two victims of a local murder-suicide were in her book club. Desperate to find answers, Aoife relies on her freelance journalism background to start digging.

Henya Drescher

Book(s) Recommended: Stolen Truth

Why: Twisty, psychological thriller that will keep you up past your bedtime.

2 Sentence Description: Imagine waking up and finding your boyfriend and baby missing? Now, imagine that no one believes they ever existed.

Kathryn Guare

Book(s) Recommended: The Conor McBride Series

Why: Professional musician-turned-international spy...what's not to love?

2 Sentence Description: Conor McBride has lost everything and was betrayed by the person he trusted most. Now he’s got a job he never asked for, deadly skills he never wanted to learn, and a past he wants to escape.

Sabina Gabrielli Carrara

Book(s) Recommended: Field of Lies

Why: Intriguing mix of domestic suspense with lots of secrets.

2 Sentence Description: Living parallel lives, Bernadette and her husband, Michael, are about to have their lives turned upside down. A single decision, a lost love, and murder, result.

John Manchester

Book(s) Recommended: Ray of Darkness Series

Why: Psychological suspense books with Gothic undertones.

2 Sentence Description: Deserted by his long-time girlfriend and his artistic muse, Ray digs into his past for help. But when he begins to write about his time in a spiritual group anonymous threats--and worse--follow.

Which one or more of these will you add to your #TBR list? Please let me know in the comments.


J.P. Choquette writes thriller books and coaches writers by offering support, systems, and simple writing and marketing plans that can be followed in real life.

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