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New Thriller Book: Under the Mountain

It’s here! Under the Mountain, the third in the “Monsters in the Green Mountains,” thriller book series is out in both paperback and digital formats.

Here’s the synopsis of this creepy, supernatural thriller:

It’s Gracelyn Edwards’ last summer at home. Being legally blind doesn’t keep her from running a popular “monster blog” or being an avid adventurer. Determined to capture footage of an elusive monster living deep in the Vermont wilderness, Gracelyn and her father embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Years later, her family in tatters, Gracelyn visits the woods again. This time for revenge. Can the monster—and the secrets Gracelyn has uncovered—be destroyed before it’s too late?

Q: “Do I have to start at Book 1 in this series?”

A: No. These books are all tied together by location/theme more than characters (think “Castle Rock” series set in small-town Maine). Pick up the third one first or the second one third, it really doesn’t matter.

Q: “Where can I get a copy?”

A: Easy: you can purchase on Amazon or other digital retailers if you’re looking for an ebook. Amazon also has the print version, as does Barnes & Noble and other bookstores.

In fact, due to a new publishing venue, Under the Mountain is available for order in any independent bookstore or library. Simply ask them to check their Ingram catalog.

Q: “Can I get a copy signed by the author?”

A: Yes. Simply contact her with your request. Not only will the author sign your copy, she’ll add a personal message at your request and even gift wrap it if it’s for a special occasion.

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