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New Thriller Books Debuting This Fall

Thriller books are my passion and they are enjoyed even more with a lovely chill in the air and the sound of rain drumming on the roof, aren’t they?

It was 68 degrees here in Vermont yesterday morning, after weeks and week of hot stickiness. I celebrated by taking out all three totes of Halloween and fall decorations, just to look at them and dream of the upcoming season. I did sort them and repair a few while they were littering the garage floor, too. Just to feel productive.

When I see on Instagram or Twitter all the captivating-looking new thriller books debuting this autumn, I get all shivery inside. Partly because I’m excited. Partly because I have a lot of reading to do to be caught up on some series.

Take, for instance, Steven Rameriz’s newest novel, The Blood She Wore, part three in the “Sarah Greene Mysteries” series. You might remember my recent book review/recommendation of the first in that series, The Girl in the Mirror. The newest book is scheduled for release on November 2nd and I desperately need to get the second-in-series finished by then.

There’s Jenny Milchman‘s newest, a stand-alone novel that looks absolutely riveting (and terrifying) that will come out in just twelve short days (12!). The Second Mother chronicles the life of Julie Weathers, who runs from troubles in her life to begin a fresh, new one off the coast of Maine.

A teacher, Julie is initially excited by the relocation and the opportunity to teach Mercy Island’s children. But as dark events converge, Julie wonders if the troubles she left behind were less dangerous than those she’s now facing on the isolated island.

Jenny is a talented author, whose books always leave me reading “just a little more” until it’s way past my bedtime. She wrote one of the three best survival thrillers I read in 2019.

Another favorite author of mine is Ruth Ware. Gothic, suspenseful, and full of unexpected turns, Ruth’s books are a delight to read. So, you can imagine my heart pounding a little harder when I learned that her next novel, One by One, is due out on September 8th. In it, eight coworkers are snowed in at a beautiful Swiss chalet. Which might sound divine…until dark secrets unfold and people begin to go missing.

Which fall books are you most looking forward to reading? Please let me know in the comments.


Looking for a Gothic-inspired suspense novel that will keep you turning pages past your bedtime? Let the Dead Rest features a sinister doll in two parallel timelines. Modern-day sculptor, Isabel Joven, receives a mysterious gift—a vintage doll—but can’t imagine the dark shadows it will cast on her life…

And in 1944, Etta Hayes welcomes home her WWII fiancé. But the doll he brings home leaves her feeling edgy and frightened. When sinister things begin to happen, Etta starts to question the doll’s history and the secrets it harbors.

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