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Refashion Runway: Week One

Photo by Gabriel Gabriel on Unsplash

Very excited to announce that I was selected as one of the upcycled fashion designers for a fun, online fashion show, Refashion Runway. I sent my application and photos in on a whim, sure they’d prefer someone with more talent and experience. So happy to get the “you’re in!” email from Beth Huntington at The Renegade Seamstress! (You might remember this from the Books, Bobbins & Balance post I did earlier this month.)

The fashion show is in its 5th year and refashion sewists from all over the U.S., (world?) compete. It’s like a more laid-back version of Project Runway, with some designers winning the weekly challenges while others are eliminated.

Week One Challenge: Statement Sleeves

This was a tricky challenge for me, not because I didn’t have any ideas but because I had too many. I thought about big, poofy sleeves, slim, slinky sleeves, sleeves with see-through parts, sleeves that were very 1920s and sleeves that were fashioned from other items of clothing.

“Before” picture: Sheer dress (left), cotton sweater (right) and miscellaneous fabric scraps

In the end, that was the idea that got me started. I repurposed a silky, sheer dress into sleeves which I attached to a plain cotton sweater top. It took a few tries to get it right…and lots of seam ripping and re-sewing.

I started by using a pair of other sleeves (removed from another project) as a pattern. It was important to get the armholes to line up just right. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do much tweaking there.

Next, I removed the ribbon under the bust on the cotton sweater. Inspired by the cherry blossoms in D.C., (something that spells spring, doesn’t it?) I created little flowers from some scrap fabric. I hand-sewed these into a scatter formation on the sleeves and across the top-left shoulder area.


I added and then removed a frilly bottom to the top. I liked the way it looked better tucked into a vintage wool skirt.

Blossom details

I’m pleased with the way the top came out (check out more pictures on the Refashion Runway link). I’m amazed though, by the other contestants takes on this challenge–they’re INCREDIBLE. Be sure to check them out and vote for your favorite.

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