Why Work with Me?

A bachelor's degree in psychology and years spent as a case manager give me unique insights into you and your process. 

You'll benefit from my 14+ years as a professional writer and author. 

Whether ghostwriting your book, a guest blog post, or an article for an industry publication--I make you look good.

Happy clients say I'm "like a chameleon" writing in their voice, that I'm "spot on" with their writing projects. 

Stuck writing your first book or overwhelmed by the publication process? I work one-on-one with first-time authors, bringing their books to life. 

Schedule a complimentary 15-minute call now to discuss your project.



You don't need to be a professional writer to tell your story. 


Do you know what Gary Vaynerchuk, Ben Carson, and Gwenyth Paltrow have in common? They've all used ghostwriters.


Collaborating with a writer doesn't make the story any less yours. It just makes writing a book more manageable. 

Self-Publishing Coach

Imagine having a clear, simple path to follow to self-publish your first book. There's great information online, but none addresses your specific questions

How would it feel to have an experienced guide on your self-publishing journey? 

Book one session or 50. Together, we'll create a simple, easy-to-follow plan, mini-goals, accountability, and a strategy you'll actually follow to get your book out into the world. 


Looking for a credible instructor for your writers' conference, professional group, or business Lunch 'n Learn? 

Here is a sample of topics I've taught: 

  • Writing your first book

  • Self-publishing

  • Blogging

  • Journaling

  • Running a business as a writer

  • Freelance writing


Learn more about the course I can create and teach for your upcoming writing conference or event. 

Fairy Lights


  • Ghostwriting (articles, blogs, books)

  • Self-publishing coach

  • Teaching