The 15-Minute Novelist: How to Write Your First Book in Just 15 Minutes a Day

Have you given up on your first novel? Do you have a hoard of partially finished manuscripts languishing on your hard drive? Do you dream of holding your book in your hands one day ... but can't seem to find the time to write the first draft?

If so, this book is for you. As a former author of many unfinished manuscripts, author J.P. Choquette completed her first novel using the simple methods outlined in this book. She’s since used this method to write four more manuscripts.

Packed with helpful tips, personal insights into writing-related resistance, humor, and end-of-chapter assignments called, "Go Deeper," The 15-Minute Novelist will guide writers through the process of starting and finishing the first draft of their complete novel.

"Dreaming of becoming a writer? It's easy: Grab some paper, a pencil or pen, and The 15-Minute Novelist. This is the short, friendly guide that can make the dream come true.” ~Beth Kanell, author of The Ardent Flame

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Vermont-based Suspense Novels

Fan of slow-burn suspense novels? All of my fiction books, "turn pages, not stomachs," and are set in small towns and remote wilderness areas of Vermont. 

If you enjoy books by Jennifer McMahon, Ruth Ware, and Susan Hill, you'll enjoy these edgy, psychological suspense books. 

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