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Here's something none of the gurus or experts tell you: you know yourself best. You know how much support you need, if you work best with external deadlines, and if you need accountability or just a checklist of book-publishing tasks. 

Courses are wonderful, conferences and workshops are too. But none of them will guide you in the ongoing process of finishing or publishing your first book. 

Whether you're a DIY-type or prefer to have a ghostwriter help you author your book, you'll find the perfect solution here. 

Copper Package



Wants: the basic outline


Services for you

  • Free videos

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Articles 

  • 1:1 coaching (single session to 50--you choose)

Silver Package



Wants: help on the way

Services for you

  • Q&A sessions--getting your specific questions answered

  • Real-time assistance in setting up everything from you ISBN to uploading your manuscript

Gold Package


Ghostwritten Books

Wants: The whole shebang

Services for you

  • Interviews, reviewing research, and writing your book

  • Focus on telling your unique story 

  • Excellent option for busy executives, leaders, and others who want to leave a legacy

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