"Writing about myself...doesn't come naturally to me.

Joy offered a great perspective and easy-to-implement suggestions."
~Caroline M., client


Collaborating. Partnering. Sharing. 

These are all terms used to describe ghostwriting. 

"Writing a book," shows up on more than 80 percent of people's bucket lists. Most people never finish the book they start though. 

Whether you want to write a book to: 

  • Increase credibility

  • Leave a legacy

  • Share life experience

  • Educate others

  • Entertain people 

  • Share your expertise

A book will do all of these things and more. 

What's Stopping You? 

If you're like most people today, there are several boulders in your path. 

Things that stop you from writing your book: ​​

  • Lack of time

  • Dislike the quiet and time alone needed to write 

  • Talent to write, but not experienced in how to write and polish a book for publication

  • Must focus on key tasks that only you can do in your business or life

  • Don't have an interest in writing

  • Would rather focus on your strengths and leave the writing to a professional

The first thing to do...


Decide whether or not you want to spend the time removing these boulders from your path or collaborating with a ghostwriter to climb over them. 

Ready to get started?