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Writing Coach

I partner with first-time authors to help them get their books finished, polished, and ready for publication.


There's a lot of great information online about writing your first book.


The problem?

  • It isn't customized to you and your specific challenges

  • You feel frustrated and overwhelmed with too much information

  • It can take hours to find the answer to your questions if you find them at all

  • You hate wasting precious writing time trying to figure out how to get your book published

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"How can a book coach help?"

Picture this: you're going on a solo backpacking trip for the first time. You're nervous and excited. Have you packed everything you need? Too much?


Just as you head out on the trail, a seasoned backpacker joins you. It turns out that she's a backpacking guide, headed in the same direction as your first camping spot. Relief floods you. Now, you can ask those questions you've been worrying about. 


The guide goes through your pack with you and helps you pare down your heavy load. As you walk together, she points out important marks on the trail, and poisonous plants, and offers some simple tips when you arrive at camp. You ask all the questions that you've been wondering about. 

A good book coach will be your guide on the journey to publishing your book. 

With an experienced coach by your side, you'll experience: 

  • Greater joy and less stress in your writing time

  • More satisfaction as you create a streamlined, simple plan of action

  • Increased inspiration, encouragement, and motivation

  • Freedom from the restriction of "publishing rules" 

  • Empowerment as you hit mini-goals and do victory dances

  • Greater accountability--someone looking out for you and your book

  • The pure joy of holding your first book in your hands



David H.

You've been a great coach along my journey and I'm so grateful for that.


Jennifer D.

Joy is a methodical questioner who took the time to listen carefully to my answers in order to help me gain clarity on my writing business. She also outlined some concrete steps that would help me move forward in developing my business.



What will coaching help YOU accomplish? This is your story. I'll be your writing partner every step of the way.

"Who is book coaching for?"

  • First-time authors

  • Traditionally-published authors who are self-publishing for the first time

  • A beginner, intermediate, or advanced writer

  • Writers who have tried, and failed to complete their first book

  • People who KNOW they are meant to be an author, but can't figure out how

  • Doubt-filled, frustrated writers who feel like "wannabe" authors

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and years spent as a case manager, I’ve honed my counseling and coaching skills. And as an INFJ, it’s always been second nature for me to help others to see the answers that lie inside through gentle but honest excavation.


Together, we’ll set up simple plans and processes so that you will finally finish your first book.

"How often do we meet?"

Schedule one session or a fifty–it’s completely up to you. Some people find the answers they need in a single coaching call. Others enjoy ongoing meetings for more complicated issues, accountability, and for consistent motivation.

"How does it work?"

I work with clients one-on-one by phone or video. Each call lasts one hour. 

"I want to traditionally publish my book. Will you still work with me?"

Absolutely! My job is to guide you through completing your manuscript and/or preparing it for publication. I'm happy to work with individuals who will seek agents and traditional publishing.

"What does it cost?"

Single coaching session: $110 

5+ coaching session package: $99/each 

10+ coaching session package: $90/each

Payment is made online via Square or PayPal at the time of booking. (Note: Both Square and PayPal allow for credit card payments, no account required.)

"I still have questions. What should I do?"

Feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear from you. Or book a complimentary 15-minute call to discuss your book. 

If you're ready to commit to publishing your book now, click the button below. I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your writing.

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