Are you a first-time author who feels:

If so, I'd love to help you refind your love of writing. 

Once upon a time . . . 

There was you--book burning a hole in your heart, couldn't give up on the dream even if you'd wanted to--you. 

Whether you're just starting your writing journey or have been in the trenches, and mired in mud, for a while, I'm so glad you're here. 

Know this: you can finish your book and hold it in your hands, singing "Hallelujah!" while doing so. 

I'm Joy Choquette, a simplicity strategist and mentor for overwhelmed first-time authors. 

How do I know you can write your first book? Because more than a decade ago I stood exactly where you are now. Full of doubt, wondering if my book idea was any good, and failing over and over again to finish that first novel. 

Holding my book in my hands for the first time, I cried. I bet you will, too. Because it will be one of the best, proudest moments of your life. 

You may have tried and fallen down before. That's okay. Now, it's time to dust yourself off and try again, this time with a little guidance specific to you and your situation. A little support, some accountability, and a simple, easy-to-follow plan will make all the difference. 

Ready to learn more? Schedule a coffee chat now or get in touch with any questions. 

What do you need? 


The 15-Minute Novelist

"Joy offered a great perspective and easy-to-implement suggestions." ~CM

"You've been a great coach along my journey and I'm so grateful for that." ~DH

"Thank you for your laid-back and helpful attitude. Your openness was appreciated." ~CJ

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