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Once upon a time...
You had a story to tell. A book burned a hole in your heart. You still dream of seeing it published. 
It's not too late. 

Publishing a book is your dream. It's just that you feel...

*Overwhelmed with the steps

*Confused by all the advice

*Unsure what to do

Maybe you've tried and failed to write or publish your book before. It's okay. Now it's time to dust yourself off and try again. This time with some help. 

A little support, some accountability, and a simple, easy-to-follow plan will make all the difference. 

Whether you want personalized guidance for your unique book or a ghostwriter to transfer your ideas onto the page, I'm here. 

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15-minute call now.

Are you:  

  • A leadership coach who wants to showcase your expertise?

  • A parent with a passion for fiction writing?

  • An entrepreneur or professional speaker too busy to write your book?

Learn more about how we can partner together and bring your book to life. 


Clients Say...

"Joy offered a great perspective and easy-to-implement suggestions." ~CM

"You've been a great coach along my journey and I'm so grateful for that." ~DH

"Thank you for your laid-back and helpful attitude. Your openness was appreciated. ~CJ

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Are you ready to finally bring your book to life? 


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