I never expected to be a writer. 

When I got my shiny bachelor's degree in psychology, I had one goal: to become a therapist. I've always loved helping people solve their problems. I like listening, processing what someone tells me, and helping them see other possible solutions. 

Simplifying complex things (problems, situations, systems) is something I'm passionate about, too. Helping others break things down into manageable pieces is deeply satisfying. 

But when I started working in human services as a case manager, I realized that helping people all day, every day, was hard for my introverted nature. At one point I had a caseload of 300 clients. 300.

Unfortunately, I burned out pretty quickly. 

"Now what am I going to do?" I remember thinking. I loved helping people reach their goals. I loved feeling useful. And I loved that the people who worked with me found solutions to many of their problems. 

But I needed to make a change to protect my mental health. So, I took a temp job and started writing for publications on the side. 

I loved it. 

 Now, I work with first-time authors who feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or full of self-doubt. Together, we address the mindset and productivity practices behind being a great writer. Before I published my first book, Epidemic, in 2013, I'd tried and failed to finish a complete manuscript. 

Not just once. 

Many, many times. 

I couldn't understand why. I'd tried all the tips and tricks taught by the gurus. I wanted to get to "The End" so badly! 

Instead, I was stuck. I felt trapped and frustrated with myself. I criticized and belittled myself when I'd say I wanted to be a writer but had nothing to show for it. 

That wasn't very helpful. 

Instead, I decided to do a little self-coaching. What was really going on? What wasn't working? What was? This process helped me finally get that first book written and published. And you know what? I've continued to use it to publish most of the 10 books (and counting) that I've written since

Using simple, customized systems that work for me is how I finally found success. 

And you can too. 

I couldn't just do what the gurus did. 

I had to find my own path, march to my own drum. 

I needed a simple system and plan that worked for me. Not just for a few weeks or one book. But for years. 

Why Work with Me?

If you're sick to death of starting and never completing your writing project, feel like your inner critic runs your creative life, or simply need a simple system you can stick with to make progress on your writing goals, I'd love to help

 When I'm not writing, you'll find me: